Use and maintenance of kitchen utensils


Kitchen utensils Since humans learned to use tools, our diet has also become richer because of the use of tools. For modern people, there are more kitchen utensils, many of which have never been used, so they are still a little unfamiliar with kitchen utensils, so we are now specific. introduce.


Use and maintenance of kitchen utensils


Kitchen utensils, a general term for "kitchen utensils". They can be divided into two types according to the occasion of use. One, commercial kitchen utensils. Second, household kitchen utensils. Commercial kitchen utensils are used in hotels, restaurants, etc., and household appliances are used in households.


1. Use and maintenance of kitchen utensils


Kitchen utensils can summarize various items, simplify our life, and make our kitchen more tidy. Kitchen utensils are essential in the kitchen. There are many types of them. According to their uses, we can divide them into the following categories.


1). Storage utensils: including the refrigerators we use to store food, the cabinets and drawers that store various items in storage jars, which belong to our storage utensils, spice jars used to store food and seasonings.


2). Cooking utensils: utensils for cutting, grinding and cooking food, such as kitchen knives, wok, stove, rice cooker, oven and other utensils, as well as silicone baking mats for grilling food.


3). Eating utensils: including chopsticks, bowls, plates, spoons, forks, Kitchen Utensil Sets and other tools for eating.


4). Washing utensils: including various brushes, detergents, washing basins, dishwashers and other utensils for washing.


Because of the continuous invention and improvement of kitchen utensils, people pay more and more attention to the hygiene of food and the environment in their diet, which promotes the development of modern food hygiene, and the use of kitchen utensils makes today's food more and more abundant. The method of cooking and cooking to meet people's growing food needs and changes.


Use and maintenance of kitchen utensils


2. How to maintain and clean kitchen utensils?


The cleaning and maintenance of kitchen utensils is an important housework. The cleanliness of the kitchen is very important. It is related to the health of the weekdays. The kitchen is the place with the most oily smoke, and stains will also remain on the kitchen utensils. However, the general kitchen All operations are performed on kitchen utensils and cabinets. In order to make better use of kitchen utensils and cabinets, we must clean and maintain kitchen utensils and cabinets. Generally, when we finish using the kitchen, there will be a lot of oil stains on the kitchen utensils, so we usually use detergent to clean up regularly, so as to avoid more oil stains and more difficult to clean.