Silicone Baking Mats

Hengyang Suan Houseware is a professional Chinese Silicone baking mats manufacturer and China silicone baking mats supplier. We have more than 10 years of rich experience on fiberglass oven mats, oven liners, PTFE grill mats... To choose us is to choose health, safety and quality.

Silicone Baking mats are made of premium quality non-toxic silicone and fiberglass passed strict food safety tests. No oil or fat is required for baking, which reduces intake of cholesterol, saturated fat & carcinogenic substances produced by cooking oils subjected to high temperatures. Our baking mats are suitable for all kinds of baking. Whether it is pizza, pies, and all your favorite pastry biscuits, you can use our baking mats for your family. To provide delicious barbecue grilled fish, you don’t have to worry about cleaning. Our baking mats are fully suitable for all kinds of cleaning methods and dishwashers.

Extra thick non-stick heavy duty barbeque mats are made of high quality reusable PTFE-coated fiberglass fabric that can be used over and over again. They can work for Electric & Gas stove top covers, Microwaves, Toaster Ovens and also work greatly and safely as a pan liner, baking/cooking mat.

SUAN Houseware is an online home & kitchen brand dedicated to providing each customer with premium products at a wallet-friendly cost. We hope that SUAN products can make your life better.