Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Utensils with Holder: An ideal Wooden Kitchen Utensils that features all the essential cooking tools including spatula, fried spatula, slotted spatula, soup ladle, spaghetti server, tong, strainer spoon, salad fork, mixing spoon, egg whisk and holder.

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Product Description

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1. Product Introduction of Wooden Kitchen Utensils


1) Kitchen Utensils with Holder: An ideal Wooden Kitchen Utensils that features all the essential cooking tools including spatula,fried spatula,slotted spatula, soup ladle, spaghetti server,tong,strainer spoon,salad fork,mixing spoon,egg whisk and holder. Covers all your kitchen needs from stiring to cooking, and with hanging holes for wall storage easily.


2) One-Piece Teak Wooden Kitchen Utensils: Constructed from natural teak wood.close-grained hardwood with high organic oil, and silica content that is known for being one of the hardest, strongest, and most durable of all timbers. Beautifully crafted, soft to touch, lightweight, and very solid basically defines what great workmanship is. Now you can use your precious non-stick cookware without worrying about damages and scratches.


3) Easy Use and Storage : These nonstick wooden kitchen utensils can be hand wash with warm water, dry thoroughly, DO NOT SOAK the wooden spoons. The wooden spatula sets are stored easily in drawers or hang up and air dry.every spatula comes with a hanging hole for space saving in the kitchen. the hanging hole is big enough for any thick rope or leather rope.


4) Non Stick Non Scratch : The Teak wooden spoons are perfect for use with nonstick cookware, and the wooden spoons for cooking contoured lines provide comfortable hand feel. Our wooden kitchen utensils set are very smoothly with good touch feeling, won't scratch or damage your favorite non-sticky cookware! Our wood cooking utensils prevents from scratching expensive non-stick pots and pans!


5) Smooth and Sturdy : The most durable wooden kitchen utensils set,they're designed to not bend like plastic utensils, not melt like silicone kitchen tools, and not rust like other metallic utensils. The tools will look new for years to come. Get these wooden spatula set so that you never have to use any broken, deformed or melted utensils ever again!


2. Product Parameter (Specification) of Wooden Kitchen Utensils


Size Material Advantage Logo
Set of 10, size as following picture Natural Teak Wood Beautifully crafted, soft to touch, lightweight, solid Laser logo on handle


Wooden Kitchen Utensils


3. Product Feature And Application of Wooden Kitchen Utensils


We believe that cooking is an enjoyable and pleasant experience. With our complete set of wooden kitchen utensils whipping up a delicious dessert is super easy From spoons to spatula,our complete set of utensils will you have covered from start to serving.


Our complete set of wooden kitchen utensils includes:


Wooden Kitchen Utensils


1 x Spatula

1 x Fried Spatula

1 x Slotted Spoon

1 x Soup Ladle

1 x Strainer Spoon

1 x Salad Fork

1 x Mixing Spoon

1 x spaghetti server

1 x tong

1 x egg whisk

1 x kitchen utensils holder


4. Product Details of Wooden Kitchen Utensils


Wooden Kitchen Utensils


Easy to Clean & Store

A wooden kitchen utensil is easily cleaned with warm soapy water. You can easily store this wooden kitchen utensil set in a drawer or spoon holder, or hang it on the wall.


Wooden Kitchen Utensils


Heat Resistant Wooden Kitchen Utensil

Long and comfortable handles make these cooking spoons easy to hold when stirring food for a long time and protect your hands from the heat of your dish.


Wooden Kitchen Utensils


Great for Crafts and Decoration

A great choice for sending mom, women, and chefs for housewarming, birthday, Christmas and more special occasions as our wooden kitchen utensils set will be useful in every kitchen. It’s the best tool to gift your loved ones who spend time in kitchen to see happy smiles of family. Time to give them a decorating set which will decorate their kitchen with elegant look!


5. Product Qualification of Wooden Kitchen Utensils


Suan Houseware is a house ware brand that believes in enhancing life through convenience and superior quality. Our products such as those wooden kitchen utensils are designed to enrich your daily life and to last a lifetime and beyond. We specialize in functional & beautiful kitchen accessories for the ultimate cooking and baking experience.


Wooden Kitchen Utensils


We are committed to excellence in providing beautiful, affordable and innovative products like this wooden kitchen utensil set for use in food preparation. We stand behind every product and we will be glad to assist you in choosing the perfect item to meet your personal needs.


Wooden Kitchen Utensils


6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of Wooden Kitchen Utensils


For wooden kitchen utensils, we usually customize your private gift box, tag, thanks card, flyer or use our standard poly bag, package style is depending on your marketing channels. Strong master carton give outer protection for these utensils during transportation.


For shipping, our forwarder give us very competitive price on sea and air door-to-door, FOB, CIF... Welcome to contact us for a shipping quote.



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