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Product Description

China Silicone Cooking Mat suppliers

China Silicone Cooking Mat factory

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1. Product Introduction of silicone cooking mat


1) Silicone Cooking Mat – A must-have kitchen tool for any baker, these reusable silicone baking mat provide even heat distribution for food that helps you cook foods more efficiently and get higher-quality baking like a pro.


2) Healthy, Non-Stick Cooking Surface – New upgrade, the premium silicone and fiberglass design is heat resistant up to 446°F to make it easier to bake cookies, candies, meats, or even fruits and vegetables without relying on unhealthy flour, fats, oils, or sprays.


3) Professional Reliable Quality– Made of food-grade silicone, this Silicone Cooking Mat can be used for baking foods, kneading or rolling dough, creating crispy pizza or French fries, and making healthier foods for you, your family, and your guests with long-lasting reliability.


4) Washable and Reusable – Our heat resistant silicone cooking mat for oven use can be wiped clean with soap water or placed in the top rack of the dishwasher, making it easier to clean and reuse for breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipes. Do not need parchment paper anymore and do not spend a long time cleaning baking trays, our STATINT silicone mat makes your nonstick baking easier!


5) 100% SATISFACTION SERVICE: What we want to provide with you is the best non-stick silicone cooking mat with trusted customer service. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will make you 100% satisfaction.


2. Product Parameter (Specification) of silicone cooking mat


1 package includes




2 half sheets

Silicone & fiberglass


Color & Printing


3. Perfect Silicone Cooking Mat that Accommodates All Your Needs


silicone cooking mat


The silicone cooking mat is the best co-worker for bakers, the design of top food-grade safe silicone is suitable for various foods baking, with the high heat temperature resistance, non-stick and non-slip, easy to clean, just enjoy the baking time with your family.


4. Product Details of silicone cooking mat


High quality silicone materials: Our flexible silicone cooking mat made of premium silicone, stick-resistant, durable can last for a long time.


silicone cooking mat


Non-stick and non-slip: Make it easier to roll dough, and don't have to spend hours scraping the dried dough off your countertop.


silicone cooking mat


Perfect baking for every time: Withstand temperatures from -76 to 446°F, and silicone cooking mat can provide even heat distribution for food, bring you perfect baking experience.


silicone cooking mat


Easy to clean and store: These silicone cooking mat for cookie sheets are non-stick and very easy to clean, rinse, wipe clean. Simple to roll it up and put it in your drawer or cabinet.


Size: 16.5" x 11.6"


5. Product Qualification of silicone cooking mat


SUAN Houseware is an online home & kitchen brand dedicated to providing each customer with premium products at a wallet-friendly cost. We hopes that SUAN products could make your life better.


silicone cooking mat


6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of silicone cooking mat


Silicone cooking mats are carefully packed by poly bag wrapped or customized gift box during transportation. For shipping, our forwarder give us very competitive price on sea and air door-to-door, FOB, CIF...Welcome to contact us for a shipping quote.


Silicone Cooking Mat suppliers

Silicone Cooking Mat factory

Silicone Cooking Mat manufacturers

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