Kitchen Silicone Mat

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Product Description

China Kitchen Silicone Mat suppliers

China Kitchen Silicone Mat manufacturers

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1. Product Introduction of kitchen silicone mat


1) EVERY HOME BAKER NEEDS ONE. 96% of customers rate our kitchen silicone mats for baking as indispensable. Each kitchen silicone mat is BPA-free. Reinforced with fiberglass mesh. Can withstand temperatures from -40 °F to 480 °F. Easy to roll up & store silicone baking mats.


2) BYE-BYE, WASTEFUL PARCHMENT PAPER. Each kitchen silicone mat will see up to 3,000 uses in the oven before the silicone sheet starts to show signs of age. Eco-friendly baking supplies that you can use, wash, & reuse.


3) 2X THICKER THAN OTHER BRANDS. Our nonstick kitchen silicone mats are 0.75mm thick professional grade, for increased durability & pastry / pizza cutter safety. This silicone baking set contains 4 half silicone mats. Each silicone mat is colored to make cooking & baking easier & safer.


4) ON YOUR MARK, GET SET… BAKE! Whatever you’re baking or cooking, slide a kitchen silicone mat onto the tray & bake with confidence. Its non stick baking sheet attribute means you don't need to add extra oil or butter. With soap & water, simply wipe the silicone pastry mat clean.


5) BAKING ACCESSORIES FOR A STAR BAKER. Our kitchen silicon mat provide consistent heat distribution, for an even bake & no soggy bottoms.


2. Product Parameter (Specification) of kitchen silicone mat







Silicone & fiberglass


Print your design


3. Perfect Kitchen Silicone Mat that Accommodates All Your Needs


Our kitchen silicone mat will lay flat on your countertop without moving or bunching up as you roll and work dough. It is stain-proof and stick-resistant, so no greasing is required! Roll out pastry dough like a pro with this kitchen silicone mat while keeping your countertop clean. Our slip-proof mat works well for rolling out piecrusts and cookie dough, making sweets, roasting meat and vegetables, and more!


Kitchen Silicone Mat


4. Product Details of kitchen silicone mat




Double Thickness

To make the process of rolling dough or baking more convenient, the thickness of the pastry mat is up to 0.7 mm, which is twice that of other mats.


Non-Stick Surface

This pastry mat provides a convenient surface for you to work with sticky dough and flour. This reusable, non-stick, and non-slip silicone-coated mat keeps counter surfaces protected.




No Distortion

Reinforced with glass weave, this pastry mat is more durable and reliable than pure silicone mats. Repeated multiple uses and washing cycles do not affect the shape of the mat.


Easy Cleanup

When finished, cleanup is a breeze. Simply wash the pastry mat by hand with soap and water and allow to air dry, or place in the dishwasher (top rack only).




Fold up for easy storage

After the pastry mat is dried, simply fold it up for store.


5. Product Qualification of kitchen silicone mat


SUAN Houseware is an online home & kitchen brand dedicated to providing each customer with premium products at a wallet-friendly cost. We hopes that SUAN products could make your life better.


6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of kitchen silicone mat


Wholesale Kitchen Silicone Mat, preferred professional brand Kitchen Silicone Mat manufacturer and supplier Suan Houseware factory. Kitchen silicone mats are carefully packed by poly bag wrapped or customized gift box during transportation. For shipping, our forwarder give us very competitive price on sea and air door-to-door, FOB, CIF...Welcome to contact us for a shipping quote.



Kitchen Silicone Mat suppliers

Kitchen Silicone Mat manufacturers

Kitchen Silicone Mat factory

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