What is the best material for seasoning jars?


Seasoning jars play a big role in Kitchen Utensils,, especially when seasonings are needed. I used to be in a hurry to cook. I was in a hurry to make something, but I couldn’t find the salt, so I ripped it open with my mouth, and it turned out that the goddess was scattered. flower. It's different now, once there are seasoning jars, if we can put these seasonings in the seasoning jars in an orderly manner, you will find that it will be more convenient to use. Don't look down on these seasoning jars, they actually play an indispensable role in the kitchen. Below, we will analyze in detail what material is better for the seasoning tank from the function of the seasoning tank, the material of the seasoning tank, and the design of the seasoning tank, so that everyone can better understand the choice of seasoning tank.


spice jars


a, the role of the seasoning pot


In the past, cooking was messed up by all kinds of seasoning packages. Since I prepared seasoning jars for the seasonings such as oil, salt, sauce and vinegar in the kitchen, cooking has become well-organized since then. The seasoning jar not only plays the role of storing seasonings, but also prevents the seasonings from getting wet and avoids the influence of direct contact with the air and oxidation.


b, the material of the seasoning jar


Seasoning jars also have different materials. When purchasing seasoning jars, you should choose different materials according to different seasonings. This way there will be no unnecessary trouble.


1. Plastic seasoning jar


For seasonings with mild flavor and no color, such as chicken essence used to adjust freshness, it is very suitable to put in plastic seasoning jars.


2. Stainless steel seasoning jar


Stainless steel seasoning jars are not suitable for liquid seasonings such as vinegar and soy sauce. Seasonings like vinegar are prone to chemical reactions with metals. Stainless steel seasoning jars are not suitable for such liquid seasonings.


3. Glass seasoning jar


In fact, the glass seasoning jar is a kind of material seasoning jar that I am more satisfied with. It is not only suitable for adding powder and solid seasonings, but also liquid seasonings, such as edible oil or sesame oil.


4. Ceramic seasoning jar


Ceramic seasoning jars are suitable for seasonings with strong flavors and are very moist. Powdered seasonings, such as salt, pepper, and curry powder, are more suitable.


However, because the appearance of the ceramic seasoning jar is not transparent, for the old irons who are going to buy dozens of such seasoning jars at one time, they should make a label on the outside to distinguish which seasoning jar is placed in daily use. Which seasoning to put in.


c, the design of the seasoning jar


The design of the seasoning jar mainly depends on the leak-proof and airtightness of the seasoning jar.


1. Leak-proof


For liquid seasonings stored in seasoning jars, such as edible vinegar or edible oil, when pouring edible oil, check whether there is a tendency to spill at the mouth of the bottle when pouring, mainly depending on the shape of the bottle mouth.


2. Sealing


The airtightness also needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing the seasoning jar. Since the seasonings we store, such as salt, chicken essence, pepper, peppercorns, etc., are easily affected by moisture, cover the lid after using the seasonings, and check whether the airtightness is good or not. Determines how long the seasoning will be stored.


What is the best material for seasoning jars?


The above is to introduce to you "what material is better for seasoning jars", we should choose different seasoning jars for different seasonings. Suan Houseware factory is a professional manufacturer of spice jars and other seasoning jars. Welcome to contact us for more questions about seasoning jars.