How to choose a kitchen spice jar


In the process of cooking and cooking, there must be oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and condiments. However, these condiments need to be packed in jars. How to choose a kitchen spice jar? Suan Houseware factory will let you know about it.


kitchen spice jar


We can choose spice jars or seasoning jars according to the following 3 points:


1. Pick the shape. Seasoning jars are generally small in size, but the capacity should not be too small. Therefore, it is best to choose the egg shape when choosing the seasoning jar. This shape looks small, but the actual capacity is large, and the shape looks very comfortable.


2. Pick the material. Although the seasoning jar is only a small one, people have exerted countless imagination and creativity for it. There are many kinds of materials for seasoning jars, the common ones are glass, ceramics, plastics, bone china, stainless steel and so on. It is recommended to use glass or ceramic material, which has better resistance to high temperature and humidity than plastic and metal, absolutely no chemical pollution, easy cleaning and no rust.


3. Pick a style. The style design of the seasoning jar is mainly simple, and does not require too many complicated patterns and meticulous carvings. The most classic style of seasoning jars is a rotating four-can. The four jars are combined in a four-grid 360-degree rotating structure. These four seasoning jars contain the most commonly used four kinds of salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, pepper, etc. main seasoning. It is recommended that you choose a similar combination structure style to avoid too many seasoning jars of various shapes, which will cause the kitchen environment to become messy.


When we choose the seasoning jar, the most important thing is to choose the seasoning jar that suits us, so that it is more convenient to use. If you want to know more about kitchen utensils, please contact Suan factory, which is a professional manufacturer of household kitchen utensils.