What are the types of coffee cups and how to choose a suitable coffee cup


To enjoy a cup of rich and fragrant coffee, in addition to high-quality coffee beans and the correct brewing method, it is also very important to choose a suitable coffee cup. Usually, in order to retain the rich aroma of the coffee and reduce evaporation, the coffee cup should choose a narrower mouth and a thicker body. This is the exact opposite of the wider mouth of the black tea cup and high light transmittance.


What are the types of coffee cups and how to choose a suitable coffee cup


Types of coffee cups


Coffee cups generally include pottery cups, porcelain cups, stainless steel coffee cups and paper coffee cups. The pottery is simple and the porcelain is round. Serve a masculine, strong, dark roast coffee in a rich, terracotta mug for a sensual drink.


However, if you want to interpret the delicate and mellow coffee, the porcelain cup is better. Compared with ordinary ceramics, the unique firing process and the content of bone powder make bone china more white, delicate, transparent and light. The cup body is equipped with some patterns to make the coffee cup form a beautiful appearance. Bone china has high thermal insulation, and the temperature of the coffee in the cup decreases slowly, which can better maintain the temperature of the coffee.


In general, ceramic cups are more suitable for dark roasted and rich coffee, while porcelain cups are suitable for lighter coffee.


It should be noted that the material components of coffee cups must not react chemically with coffee, so active metal materials cannot be used to make coffee cups.


Coffee cup shades


The coffee liquid is amber in color and very clear. In order to show the characteristics of coffee, it is best to choose a coffee cup with a white inside of the cup. Many coffee cups do not take this into account when they are made, and they blindly pursue beauty. They paint various colors inside the coffee cup, and even depict complex fine patterns, which often makes it difficult to distinguish the quality of coffee brewing from the color of the coffee.


The shape and size of the coffee cup


Small coffee cups with a capacity of less than 100ml are mostly used to hold strong and hot single-origin coffee. For example, Espersso, which is only about 50ml, can be drunk almost in one sip, but the lingering fragrance and the temperature that seems to be always warm are the best. It can warm people's mood and stomach.


When drinking coffee with a high proportion of milk, such as latte and French milk coffee, use a mug of about 300 ml without a cup holder. Taste. For cappuccino with milk foam, use a wide glass to display rich and beautiful foam.


In terms of personal preference, in addition to the appearance of the cup, it is also necessary to pick it up to see if it goes well. The weight of the cup should be lighter, because the lighter cup has a denser texture, which means that the raw material particles of the cup are fine, and the cup surface made is tight and the pores are small, which is not easy for the coffee scale to adhere to the cup surface.


Of course, in order to brew some beautiful fancy coffee, various glass goblets, beer mugs, etc. are also used. These cups do not count as traditional coffee cups.