What is the best material for coffee cups?


Can coffee cups also affect the quality of coffee? To preserve the aroma, temperature and taste of coffee, the material and size of the coffee cup is a key! There are many materials for coffee cups. Common ones are metal, paper cups, plastic cups, glass cups, ceramic cups, wooden cups, etc. Ceramic cups are better, followed by glass cups and wooden cups. Plastic cups, paper cups and metal cups are not recommended. Cup as coffee mug. In addition to the material, the wall thickness of the coffee cup is also very important. Generally, the thicker cup is suitable for drinking fancy coffee, and the thin cup is suitable for drinking single product coffee. The following Suan Houseware factory will explain to you what material is better for coffee cups.


What is the best material for coffee cups?


1. What material is better for the coffee cup?


For friends who love to drink coffee, it is very important to choose a coffee cup with a suitable material. Common coffee cup materials mainly include:


1). Ceramic cup

Ceramic cups are general-purpose coffee utensils, including ceramic cups, white porcelain cups, bone china cups, etc. The porcelain cups have a smooth surface, light texture and soft color. Color concentration; the surface of the pottery cup is relatively rough, the texture is strong, and it has a sense of simplicity and Zen silence. It is the favorite of coffee players who pursue a sense of culture and history.


2). Glass

The whole body of the glass is transparent, and the double-layer glass has better thermal insulation effect. And using it to hold fancy coffee such as espresso and latte, macchiato, can well show the layering of coffee.


3). Wooden Cup

A kind of coffee cup made of high-quality wood, the style is exquisite and beautiful, with a little nostalgic atmosphere. This type of mug is durable, high temperature, drop resistant and beautiful and safe.


4). Metal Cup

For metal cups, the metal elements contained in the components are generally stable, but may be dissolved in an acidic environment. Coffee is an acidic beverage, and metal cups are generally not recommended.


coffee cups


5). Paper cup

Disposable paper cups are very convenient, but whether they are clean and hygienic cannot be identified with the naked eye. Generally, if you often drink coffee, it is not recommended to use disposable paper cups.


6). Plastic Cup

The temperature of coffee is usually high. When drinking coffee from plastic or paper cups, the smell of the cup is very likely to destroy the original taste of the coffee and affect the taste of the coffee. It is not recommended to use it.


To sum up, compared with coffee cups of several materials, ceramic cups are better, followed by glass cups, wooden cups, plastic cups, paper cups and metal cups are not recommended to be used as coffee cups, unless they are food grade. Material coffee cup so that it can be used.


2. Whether the wall of the coffee cup is thin or thick

When choosing a coffee cup, in addition to the material of the coffee cup, the wall thickness of the coffee cup is also a key factor to consider. So, should the wall of the coffee cup be thinner or thicker?


1). Thick-walled coffee cup: This kind of coffee cup is more conducive to keeping warm and is suitable for drinking fancy coffee such as latte or cappuccino.


2). Thin-walled coffee cups: This kind of coffee cups has a more delicate taste in the mouth and is more suitable for drinking single products. You can feel the different flavors of coffee at different temperatures from hot to cold.


Just like people, coffee must be taken into account both inside and outside. With proper containers, the aroma of coffee is bound to stay in the cup for a long time. However, the delicacy of a cup of coffee lies in the care and neglect of every detail. In order to drink the original taste of coffee, we must choose a coffee cup of good material.