What Are The Effects Of Different Hardness Of Silicone Products?


What Are The Effects Of Different Hardness Of Silicone Products


Some silicone products on the market feel very soft, and some are slightly hard, which is caused by the hardness of silicone. Different silicone products have different requirements for softness and hardness, which are related to the formula and raw materials of the original product. Generally speaking, the soft hardness of silicone rubber products is around 20~80. The lower the hardness, the better the tensile strength. The normal can reach 300%, and the lowest is 20%. What are the effects of different hardness of silicone products?


1. Changes in extrusion strength, low hardness products will gradually decrease in strength, high hardness will increase, and the difference of 5-10 degrees will have different extrusion changes.


2. The change of tear resistance, the higher the hardness, the weaker the tear resistance of the product, especially the products with right angles are prone to tearing, the lower the hardness, the better the tearing degree, and the tearing degree of different hardness is different.


3. The constant elongation stress leads to deformation. The constant elongation stress is an important control index of the silicone material, which is precisely related to the hardness. Different hardness and the temperature and pressure controlled during the vulcanization and vulcanization process are important for the product's tensile deformation.


4. Changes in wear resistance and fatigue degree. Products with different hardness have different effects on wear resistance and fatigue degree. Generally, as the crystallinity increases, the hardness of silicone material increases, and long-term running-in will affect the decrease in  degree. The wear resistance is not enough then.


5. The elasticity is different. Elasticity is one of the important elements in the silicone material. Therefore, materials with different hardness have an impact on each product used in different applications. If the difference in hardness is too large, it may lead to the use effect of the entire product.


What Are The Effects Of Different Hardness Of Silicone Products?


From the influence of silicone products with different hardness, we can see how much the soft hardness affects the product. The tensile force and hardness of silicone products are important indicators of materials. In order to obtain the desired tensile stress, it is necessary to select targeted materials. SUAN Houseware has been focusing on the production of silicone products for more than ten years. It is recommended that when customizing silicone products, you should clearly explain the hardness requirements with the manufacturer, otherwise the products produced may affect the use effect.​