How To Judge Whether A Silicone Product Is Food Grade


With the deepening of the understanding of silicone products by the public, silicone products have also been loved by most consumers. When choosing a lot of household items, silicone products will be given priority, such as baby pacifiers, bibs, etc. These silicone products should be food-grade, so as to ensure that they will not cause adverse effects on the human body during the use. So, if you want to buy silicone products, how to judge whether the material of the silicone products has reached food grade?


How To Judge Whether A Silicone Product Is Food Grade


Food-grade silicone products are non-toxic and odorless, with high transparency, stable chemical properties, softness, good elasticity, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, strong water absorption, no toxic side effects to the human body, and burning ashes are white. While not food grade products use ordinary silicone, which has a strong odor and will turn yellow or dark particles over time, and the burning ashes are black.


According to the requirements of the US FDA, silicone rubber products that contact with food must meet the following three conditions:


1. It will not release ingredients that pose a danger to human health. This requires that the product itself does not contain toxic substances, and the product must have sufficient stable chemical properties and will not be corroded by natural oxidation.


2. It cannot cause unacceptable changes in the composition of the food. The product cannot react chemically with the things it comes in contact with, and the composition of the product itself cannot change due to contact with food.


3. It cannot reduce the sensory properties brought by the food (changing the taste, smell, color, etc. of the food).


Of course, the test standards of various countries in the world are slightly different. For example, the German LFGB standard requires the following tests on silicone rubber products: ① 3 comprehensive migration tests; ② (VOC) organic volatile matter content; ③ peroxide value test; ④ organic tin compounds Test; ⑤ Sensory test.



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