How to seal spice jars


Many times we don't know how to store the spice jar. Once it is not stored properly, it will easily lead to the deterioration of the spices in it, which will be wasted. Spice jars in the kitchen, in particular, can go bad if not stored properly. So, how to seal spice jars? Now there is Suan Houseware factory specializing in the production of household items to explain in detail how to store the spice jars so that they will not go bad.


How to seal spice jars


1. Store spices in airtight spice jars


Before the rainy season, be sure to clean the kitchen and keep all the spices in an airtight spice jar. Not only will this keep fungus and moisture out, but it will also ensure they stay fresh for a long time.


2. Keep the spice jar cool


Keep it cool In order to facilitate cooking, we often place spice jars near the gas stove, which exposes the spice directly to high temperature and humidity and is easy to volatilize.


The essential oils and aromas contained in spices evaporate in the air, especially on cloudy days. So keep spice jars in cabinets or dark jars away from gas stoves and direct sunlight to avoid easy penetration of heat.


3. Do not refrigerate


If you put spice jars in the refrigerator, you will definitely see the spice jars clump together because there is a lot of moisture in the freezer. So we store them in dark jars and store them in a dry place.


4. Stay upright


Keeping the spice jars upright, in addition to making them more aesthetically pleasing and easier to use, ensures that they won't be easily crushed.


5. Store in a dry place


Moisture of any kind can destroy the color, aroma and taste of spices in spice jars. Don't put your fingers or wet spoons directly in the jar, as it can trigger fungal formation. To avoid a musty smell and loss of flavor, store spices in a dry, dark place away from water and light sources.


How to seal spice jars


Through the above explanation of the preservation method of the spice jar, I believe you already know how to better preserve the spice jar. If you want to know more news about spice jars, please contact Suan Houseware factory, a Spice Jar Set manufacturer that specializes in solving household products for you.