What size are spice jars


Spice jars are used to store salt, monosodium glutamate and other condiments that are often used in cooking in the kitchen. Spice jars can well ensure that the interior is sealed, so that air and moisture cannot enter, so that the items stored inside are not easy to deteriorate. So, what size are spice jars?


what size are spice jars


Generally speaking, if you buy spice jars in bulk, you can ask the manufacturer to customize the size, and you can also print your own logo on the spice jars. After all, the things stored in the spice jar are easily affected by air and moisture. If there are a lot of things in it, opening it for a long time will let air and moisture enter it, which will seriously affect the taste of salt, monosodium glutamate, etc., and even lead to deterioration. Once such a situation occurs, it can only be discarded. If you do not pay attention in time, if you continue to eat it, it is likely to cause physical discomfort. So spice jars should be of a moderate size so that they can be used up in time without air and moisture entering and spoiling.


Especially in the wet season of spring, we should pay more attention to moisture protection. The contents of the spice jar should be used up in time to avoid deterioration. Therefore, dealers should also consider this issue when ordering spice jars in large quantities. Only moderate spice jars will be liked by more customers and friends. Of course, if you are storing items that are not prone to spoilage, you can still use large spice jars. Specific situation specific analysis.


what size are spice jars


Suan Houseware factory is a professional manufacturer of spice jars, the spice jars have the following specifications: 120ml, 180ml, etc. At the same time, we can also customize different specifications according to customer requirements. If you would like to know more about spice jars, please contact us.