What cup to use for coffee


A good cup of coffee is perfect with a suitable coffee cup. A good cup can taste the taste of coffee better, so it is especially important when we choose a cup. Do you know what kind of cups are used to drink coffee? The following is a detailed introduction by Suan Houseware factory.



1. What kind of cup do you use for coffee?


There is a wide selection of cup materials that can be used to drink coffee. Glass cups, ceramic cups, bone china cups, stainless steel cups, can all be used to drink coffee.


Ceramic cups: most used in coffee shops. The thick-bodied ceramic mug retains heat well and helps the coffee retain its flavor.


Bone china cup: Bone china cup is made of high-grade china clay mixed with animal bone powder. Although it is also porcelain, it is lighter in texture, higher in density and better in heat preservation than ordinary porcelain. The key is that it is beautiful. Must find a chance to show off my family's British bone china.


Pottery Cup: As soon as I use a pottery cup, I think of a purple clay pot. The two main materials have delicate pores and rich texture, which feel particularly rural and rural, and have a feeling of returning to nature.


Stainless steel cups: Stainless steel coffee cups are very beautiful now, and if they are double-layered, the heat preservation performance will be very good. But I don't like it.


2. The flower decoration inside the coffee cup


There are many cups now, especially bone china cups. For the sake of beauty, I like to draw beautiful flower decorations on the inside. Personally, I do not recommend it. One is for health reasons, I don’t like to choose the inner inlaid flower, and the inner flower will affect the identification of coffee color.


3. About the width of the cup body


When drinking coffee, I prefer a cup with a wider body. When drinking coffee, it will fill my mouth, making it easier to feel its various flavors. The tall and thin coffee cup will make the coffee directly into the throat, and it is easy to lose the first taste and lose the feeling of the product.


4. About size


Small cup: less than 100ml, mostly used to hold espresso or single-origin coffee.


Medium cup: about 200ml, as long as the general fancy coffee is not particularly complicated, you can use this cup, the size is just right, so that you have enough space to add milk and sugar.


Large cup: more than 300ml, coffee with a lot of milk, like latte or mocha, use mug more, on the one hand, it is enjoyable to drink, and on the other hand, there is enough space for the milk carton to mix well and exude a tempting burst. fragrance.


How to use the coffee cup?


Drinking coffee is a matter of course, just like drinking water. But for a good cup of coffee, in addition to careful roasting and delicate operation skills, the coffee cup also plays an extremely important role. The most basic one is that coffee cups must not react chemically with coffee, so active metals must not be used as coffee cups (of course, if you want to pursue alternative flavors) such as aluminum cups. The body of the coffee cup should be thick, and the mouth of the cup should not be wide open. The cup condenses the heat of the coffee, and it is not easy to cool down quickly, so as not to affect the taste and taste of the coffee.


Place with warm cup


Placement method: There are two ways, the cup handle on the right is American style, and the cup handle on the left is British style.


Warm Cups: Use bone china coffee cups for warm cups to fully seal all the flavors of coffee. The easiest way is to pour it directly into hot water, or pre-warm it in a dishwasher. Although it is only a simple step, it is an indispensable key to preserving the aroma of coffee. Because, once the boiling coffee that is just out of the oven is poured into a cold cup, the temperature will drop suddenly, and the aroma will be greatly reduced.


What cup to use for coffee


Cleaning the coffee cup:


As for the cleaning of the coffee cup, because the coffee cup with good texture has a tight surface and small pores, it is not easy to adhere to the coffee scale, so after drinking coffee, as long as you rinse it with water immediately, you can keep the cup clean. For coffee cups that have been used for a long time, or that cannot be rinsed immediately after use, the coffee scale will adhere to the surface of the cup. At this time, the cup can be soaked in lemon juice to remove the coffee scale. If the coffee scale cannot be completely removed at this time, you can use a neutral dishwashing agent, dip it on the sponge, wipe it gently, and finally rinse it with water. During the cleaning process of the coffee cup, it is strictly forbidden to use a hard brush to scrub, and the use of strong acid and strong alkali cleaners should also be avoided to avoid scratching and damage to the surface of the coffee cup.