Stainless Steel Coffee Steam Milk Frother


Due to the accelerated pace of work and life, many friends like to make a cup of coffee after work. The stainless steel coffee steam milk frother does its job very well. The stainless steel coffee steam milk frother has the following features:


Stainless Steel Coffee Steam Milk Frother


Milk Frother: Milk foam latte can be used in a variety of ways, comes with decorative art pens, can be trimmed with a variety of beautiful coffee patterns, foamed or steamed latte, topped with milk or cream. Great for frothy or steamed espresso, cappuccino or hot chocolate.


DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL STEAM STEAM COATER: This milk steamer is made of chrome-plated #304 stainless steel, which is well made, rust-proof, stain-proof and heat-resistant. Dishwasher safe, easy to clean and use. This will be your best friend.


Sophisticated Tip Design: Professionally designed and drip-proof nozzles allow you to create your own artwork. The pointed design prevents liquid from leaking out of the kettle, allowing you to make the most of your latte art.


EASY TO USE: The sturdy ring handle is easy to grip and pour, making many lattes without missing a beat. Individual design is easy to use and saves energy. The best gift for yourself and friends at home or office.




Stainless Steel Frothing Pitcher The stainless steel foam jug from Suan Houseware is perfect for foaming your morning latte or cappuccino.


The milk frother can be used in many ways: to froth or steam a latte; to measure liquids; to serve milk or milk. Great for frothing or steamed milk with espresso, cappuccino or hot chocolate.


How to use a milk frother?


1. Heat the milk first, then put it in a pitcher (half full) and use a hand frother or a machine frother to create the froth you like.


2. Pour the milk into the coffee, hold the milk jug and tilt it about 20 degrees. Slowly pour the steamed milk directly into the espresso until the cup is full.


3. Decorate your coffee with art deco pen to get the effect you want.


Milk frother note:


Do not put the milk frother in the microwave.


Please refer to the measurement results. A little measurement error is allowed within the normal range.


The ultimate goal of Suan Houseware factory is to allow you to enjoy every day using a high quality coffee milk froth can. For your complete satisfaction, we will actively respond to any questions you may have within 24 hours.