Selecting and Purchasing Methods Of Silicone Kitchen Utensils


There are many varieties of silicone kitchen utensils, and there are several common categories:


Silicone Molds


Silicone Cake Mold, Silicone Ice Tray, Silicone Egg Maker, Silicone Chocolate Mold. It is used to bake cakes at high temperature. The silicone ice tray is used to make ice cubes and iced drinks. The silicone omelet can fry eggs into the shape you like, and the silicone chocolate mold can be used to make various shapes of chocolate.




Silicone scraper, silicone spatula, silicone egg beater, silicone spoon, silicone oil brush: using the stability, durability and strong plasticity of silicone, the cooking gadgets, spatula and shovel can be used to make fruit salad, cream cake, The silicone egg beater evenly stirs the egg liquid, and the silicone oil brush spreads the oil on the food without lint.




Silicone bowls, silicone basins, silicone plates, silicone cups, silicone folding bowls, silicone lunch boxes: using the soft properties of silicone, it is not deformed or broken, and the silicone bowls, pots, cups and other food and drinks are also good choices.


Selecting and Purchasing Methods



As a kind of household cooking utensils, the safety of silicone kitchen utensils is very important. When purchasing, we must find regular manufacturers to buy them. We need to have the food-grade environmental certification test report of the product, or the FDA, LFGB certification test report. When purchasing, we should also pay attention to choosing kitchen utensils suitable for our own use. We must correctly distinguish the use of individual kitchen utensils. Before purchasing, we must smell the smell of the product. Strict silicone kitchen utensils are encountered in the There should be no odor when it is hot or cold, and there will be no color fading when wiped on white paper.


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