Problems Need Pay Attention In The Customization Of Silicone Products


Problems Need Pay Attention In The Customization Of Silicone Products


In the process of customizing silicone products, product quality is a problem that buyers pay special attention to. Product quality not only affects the user's experience, but also directly affects the reputation of the company, especially reputation is related to the survival of the company. Therefore, in order to ensure that customized products are more in line with expectations, in addition to choosing a manufacturer with guaranteed quality, you must also have a full understanding of the relevant knowledge of customized products, so as to prevent problems before they occur or react quickly when problems occur. Below, SUAN Houseware Silicone Products Factory will introduce to you the problems that may occur in the processing of silicone products customization.


1. Product quality problems: mainly due to lack of rubber, raw rubber, soft or too brittle products, internal bulging or external bulging, and rotten surfaces during molding and vulcanization.


2. Appearance problems of products: Inconsistency of mold surface affects the appearance effect, the color is not bright enough, the product appears mixed color, the color difference leads to poor appearance, the production and processing lead to poor appearance, and the black spot on the product!


3. Raw material quality issues: raw materials affect the functionality and effects of the product. Different operation environments and technology need to be customized with different rubber materials, rather than ordinary plastic for ordinary sheets. For example, high tensile force, high transparency or resistance are required. Aging resistance, UV resistance and other factors.


4. Structural problems: poor mold processing accuracy, wrong mold opening and various defects of the product can all be caused by the mold structure, so mold of the product is core, and mold material is also the top priority!


Problems Need Pay Attention In The Customization Of Silicone Products


Precautions for custom silicone products


1. Review drawings. The customization of silicone products is generally produced according to the needs of assembly or the needs of the modeling structure. Therefore, the completeness and accuracy of the drawings are very important. It directly determines whether the silicone products produced by the mold opening and proofing can be qualified for a trial assembly. When designing the assembled silicone product, it is necessary to fully consider the fit, tightness, size, etc. of the assembly, otherwise it will easily affect the assembly effect and product performance.


2. The required technology and processing method. In order for the appearance and functionality of silicone products to achieve the expected results, there are certain requirements for external processes, such as sewing, transfer printing, encapsulation and coating, etc. The production and processing of this type of products need more powerful manufacturers, familiar with all aspects of technology and processing procedures, otherwise some of the suppliers found will not reach the expected goals.


3. Choose the matching silicone products factory. Now there are many large, medium and small silicone products manufacturers in China, some specialize in silicone daily necessities, and some make silicone industrial products. Different manufacturers have different targets and have their own advantages, so when we choose a suitable silicone product factory, it is necessary to see whether the manufacturer has relevant qualifications. If it has obtained Disney certification, whether it has passed FDA, LFGB testing, etc., also professionalism of the manufacturer to cooperate with.


4. Sign the contract to stipulate the rights and obligations of both parties. After finding a suitable silicone product factory, it is necessary to implement the details of cooperation between the two parties. At this time, both parties need to agree on the acceptance criteria of silicone products, negotiate the price, mold opening cycle, sample delivery, mass production cycle, payment method, etc., must be written in the contract, do not agree orally, this is also to protect the rights and interests of both parties.


In the process of customizing silicone products, in addition to paying attention to the above aspects, we should pay attention to all aspects of the manufacturer, such as whether the quality management process is systematic and perfect, the manufacturer's management capabilities, etc. Imagine if the manufacturer's own management is chaotic and the management work is not in place, how to ensure the quality of the products produced, how to ensure the delivery of high-quality products? Therefore, SUAN Houseware suggests that in order to better understand the actual situation of the manufacturer, it is necessary to visit the factory, communicate with the manufacturer more, and learn more about the reputation of the manufacturer in this industry.