How to drink coffee cup correctly


We can have a cup of coffee in our spare time or when we are resting, especially those who don’t like to sleep at noon, drink a cup of coffee in the afternoon, which can better increase their energy. A cup of fragrant and mellow coffee is a must-have item for white-collar workers in their daily work. A good cup of coffee, from the selection, roasting, grinding, and brewing of coffee beans, every step is very important. At the same time, the utensils used to hold them, the coffee cups, are actually very important. If they are matched properly, there will be The icing on the cake. But many people do not use coffee cups, especially when communicating with customers, we need to know how to use coffee cups. Now let's introduce how to drink the coffee cup correctly?


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How to drink a coffee cup correctly:


1. Do not pass your fingers through the ear of the cup and drink it after meals. Generally, you need to drink a small cup of coffee. The ears of this kind of cup are so small that fingers cannot pass through, so there is no need to worry about making a fool of yourself in front of everyone. However, when encountering a large cup, you must remember not to use your fingers to hold the cup through the ears of the cup. The correct posture is to hold the cup by the handle with your thumb and forefinger.


2. When adding sugar without stirring and adding sugar, the sugar can be scooped with a coffee spoon and added directly into the cup; you can also use a sugar clip to clamp the sugar cube on the near side of the coffee saucer, and then use a coffee spoon to add the sugar cube into the cup. in the cup. Do not put sugar cubes directly into the cup with sugar clips or hands to avoid coffee spills and stains on clothes or tablecloths. After adding the sugar, there is no need to vigorously stir the coffee, as the sugar and milk melt quickly. If you don't like sugar and milk, you can turn the ear of the cup to your right.


3. The coffee spoon does not add sugar and stir coffee for scooping coffee. It is the "full-time job" of the coffee spoon. It is rude to use it to scoop the coffee and drink it one sip, and don't use it to "help" smash the sugar cubes in the cup. Remove it from the cup and place it on a saucer when drinking.


4. It is not enough to cool the coffee with your mouth. It is better to drink it while it is hot. If it is too hot, you can use a coffee spoon to gently stir it to cool it, or wait for it to cool naturally before drinking it. If you try to blow cold coffee with your mouth, remember that this is an inelegant gesture.


5. You only need to hold the coffee cup when drinking. Generally speaking, you only need to hold the cup when drinking Fenayo coffee. It is rude to drink coffee with a saucer or cup by the bottom. Unless there is no dining table to rely on, you can use the left hand to hold the saucer and the right hand to hold the coffee cup ear to taste slowly. Also note that you can't hold the cup full, swallow, and don't look down for the coffee cup. Do not lift the coffee cup from the saucer when adding coffee.


How to use a coffee cup correctly:




The simplicity of the clay cup and the roundness of the porcelain cup respectively signify different coffee attitudes. Pottery cup with rich texture, suitable for dark roasted coffee with rich taste. Porcelain cups are light in texture, soft in color, high in density and good in heat preservation, which can make coffee lower in temperature more slowly in the cup, which is the best choice for expressing the flavor of coffee.




A coffee cup with excellent texture has a tight surface, small pores, and is not easy to adhere to coffee scale. After drinking coffee, as long as you rinse it with water immediately, you can keep the cup clean.


For coffee cups that have been used for a long time, or if they are not rinsed immediately after use, the coffee scale will adhere to the surface of the cup. Soak the cup in lemon juice to remove the coffee scale. In the cleaning process of coffee cups, do not use hard brushes to scrub, and avoid using strong acid and strong alkali cleaners. The surface of the coffee cup is scratched and damaged, which will affect the taste of coffee.


Don't drink too much coffee


Drinking coffee in moderation can be refreshing, but drinking more coffee than you're used to can make you over-excited and even jittery. Therefore, although coffee is good for the human body, it is not advisable to drink more than 2 cups a day.


How to drink coffee cup correctly


The correct way to hold a coffee cup


The thumb and forefinger should hold the handle of the cup to lift the cup. When drinking coffee, hold the coffee cup ear with your right hand, gently hold the coffee saucer with your left hand, and sip slowly to your mouth to avoid making a noise. It is not advisable to raise your glass and swallow, or bend your head to drink coffee. Sometimes there are some inconvenient situations. For example, sitting on the sofa away from the table, it is inconvenient to drink coffee with both hands. At this time, you can place the coffee saucer in the chest-high position with your left hand and drink with the coffee cup with your right hand. After drinking, the coffee cup should be placed in the coffee saucer immediately, and the two should not be placed separately.