What are the kitchen utensils?


The kitchen is an important place in every home, and kitchenware is an integral part of the kitchen. From cutting, cooking, seasoning to storing, all kinds of kitchen utensils play an important role. Here are some common kitchen utensils:


What are the kitchen utensils


Cutting tool


Cutting tools include knives, cutting boards, and scissors. The main knives include lancets, kitchen knives and pocket knives. They can be chosen according to different ingredients and usage. Cutting boards come in a variety of materials including plastic, wood and bamboo. Choose size and shape according to different needs and preferences. Scissors are mainly used for cutting meat and herbs etc.


Cooking utensils


Cooking utensils include pans, woks, stockpots, steamers, griddles, and more. Pans are commonly used for frying, frying and cooking. The wok is suitable for quick stir frying and frying. Stock pots are usually used for cooking soup and porridge. The steamer is suitable for steaming dumplings, steamed buns and vegetables, etc. The grill pan is suitable for grilled meat, vegetables and bread.


Cooking tools


Cooking tools include spoons, spatulas, chopsticks, egg beaters, stirrers, etc. Spoons and spatulas are mainly used for stir frying and scooping food. Chopsticks are commonly used to hold food, especially in Chinese cooking. Whisks and mixers are used for whipping egg liquids, cream and sauces etc.


Seasoning tools


Seasoning tools include various spice jars, soy sauce bottles, salt shakers, pepper shakers, seasoning jars, etc. These tools are used to store and dispense various condiments so they can be added where needed during cooking.


Kitchen Appliances


Kitchen appliances include a variety of small appliances such as juicers, blenders, blender cups, coffee makers, microwaves, and ovens, among others. These appliances can make cooking easier and more convenient.


Storage container


Storage containers include glass jars, plastic bags, plastic wrap, and tin foil. They are used to store various ingredients and cooked food.


Cleaning tools


Cleaning tools include dish sponges, dishcloths, detergents, and trash cans. These tools are used to keep the kitchen clean and hygienic.


In short, there are many different types and functions of kitchen utensils in the kitchen, each of which has its own unique functions and advantages. When choosing and using, you need to choose according to your actual needs and budget. Proper use and care can extend the life of cookware and make cooking easier and more enjoyable.