Is Oven Silicone Mat Toxic?


The oven is a commonly used bread-making tool at home. This tool must be heated before it can be used, and a mat must be placed at the bottom of the oven to directly bake bread or bake other foods, which can increase the heat and hygiene of the oven food.


oven silicone mat


Is Oven Silicone Mat Toxic?


The oven silicone mat is a kind of mat that is used more in the family. This mat is also called a silicone baking mat. The quality of the baking mat is much more durable than the general traditional mat, and the number of times of use is relatively long. Traditional paper pads can only be used once, and if the paper products are used repeatedly, cracks may appear and bacteria may breed. However, the service life of the silicone baking mat can reach 2 years, or even more than 2 years is relatively normal. The material used for the silicone baking mat is also food-grade silicone material. Hazardous substances or gases.


The silicone baking mat is also relatively simple to use at home. It only needs to be put into the corresponding oven to use, and there are some patterns on the surface of the silicone baking mat, which are specially made according to the pattern of our bread making, with a circular pattern. And some patterns such as square patterns, in order to increase the appearance of the bread we bake. This kind of mat is easy to use at home and will not stick to the flour. It is also very convenient to clean after use. It will be clean by soaking in warm water or cleaning with detergent. The silicone mat is also divided into many different product mats, including a silicone steamer. Pads and silicone baking mats, etc.