How to use coffee cups correctly?


A cup of fragrant and mellow coffee is a must-have item for white-collar workers in their daily work. A good cup of coffee, from the selection of coffee beans, roasting, grinding, and brewing, every step is very important. At the same time, the container used to hold it - the coffee cup is actually very important. If it is matched properly, there will be The icing on the cake. But many people can't drink the original taste of coffee when tasting coffee, and some people don't even know how to drink coffee. Either the coffee cup is not held properly, or the way to drink coffee is not grasped correctly. Only then will I lose interest in coffee. So, how to use coffee cups correctly?


How to drink coffee cup correctly


How to drink a coffee cup is correct:


1. Don't hold the cup with your finger past the cup ear to drink after a meal. Generally, you should drink a small cup of coffee. The ears of this cup are so small that fingers cannot pass through them, so there is no need to worry about "making a fool of yourself" in full view. However, when you encounter a large cup, you must remember not to hold the cup with your fingers through the ear. The correct posture is to hold the handle of the cup with your thumb and forefinger to pick up the cup.


2. No need to stir hard after adding sugar. When adding sugar, you can scoop out the sugar with a coffee spoon and add it directly into the cup; you can also use a sugar tong to clamp the sugar cube on the side of the coffee saucer, and then use the coffee spoon to add the sugar cube. in the cup. Do not put sugar cubes into the cup directly with sugar tongs or hands to avoid coffee splashing and staining clothes or tablecloths. After adding sugar, there is no need to vigorously stir the coffee, as the sugar and milk dissolve quickly. If you don't like adding sugar and milk, you can turn the ear of the cup to your right.


3. The coffee spoon is not used to add sugar and stir the coffee. It is the "professional" of the coffee spoon. It is rude to use it to scoop the coffee and drink it one by one. Don't use it to "help" smash the cube sugar in the cup. To drink, take it out of the glass and place it on a saucer.


4. Cooling the coffee with your mouth is not elegant enough. Drink it while it is hot. If it is too hot, stir it gently with a coffee spoon to cool it down, or wait for it to cool down naturally before drinking it. If you try to cool your coffee with your mouth, remember that it is indecent.


5. Just hold the coffee cup when drinking Generally speaking, you only need to hold the cup when drinking Fenayo coffee. It is rude to drink coffee from a saucer or cup. Unless there is no dining table to rely on, you can hold the saucer with your left hand and taste the coffee cup with your right hand. It should also be noted that you can't hold the cup full, swallow it, and don't bow your head to the coffee cup. Do not lift the coffee cup from the saucer when adding coffee.


How to drink coffee cup correctly


How to use a coffee cup correctly:




The simplicity of ceramic cups and the roundness of porcelain cups symbolize different coffee attitudes. Earthenware cup with thick texture, suitable for dark roasted and full-bodied coffee. Porcelain cups are light in texture, soft in color, high in density, and good in heat preservation. They can lower the temperature of coffee in the cup more slowly, and are the best choice for expressing coffee flavor.




Small coffee cups (60ml~80ml) are suitable for tasting pure high-quality coffee or strong single-origin coffee. One sip per cup can make the aftertaste of the coffee linger and show the exquisite flavor of coffee.


Regular coffee cups (120ml~140ml), common coffee cups, generally choose this kind of cup when drinking coffee, there is enough space, you can mix it yourself, add milk powder and sugar.


Mug (above 300ml), suitable for coffee with a lot of milk.


How to drink coffee cup correctly


Place and Warm Cup


Placement method: There are two kinds, the handle of the cup is on the right is American style, and the handle of the cup is on the left is British style.


Warm Cup: Warm a bone china coffee mug to preserve all the flavors of your coffee intact. The easiest way is to run directly into hot water, or pre-warm in a machine. Because, once the boiling coffee just out of the oven is poured into a cold cup, the temperature will drop suddenly, and the aroma will also be affected.




A coffee cup with excellent texture has a tight cup surface and small pores, so it is not easy to attach coffee stains. After drinking coffee, just rinse it with clean water immediately to keep the cup clean.


If the coffee cup is used for a long time, or if it is not rinsed immediately after use, the coffee stains will adhere to the surface of the cup. You can soak the cup in lemon juice to remove the coffee stains. During the cleaning process of coffee cups, do not use hard brushes, and avoid using strong acid and alkali cleaning agents. The surface of coffee cups will be scratched and damaged, which will affect the taste of coffee.


How to choose a coffee mug:


There are generally two types of coffee cups, pottery cups and porcelain cups. In recent years, under the concept that coffee must be drunk hot, cup makers have even developed pottery cups with thermal insulation effect, which are even better than porcelain cups. A better cup made of bone china, with this texture containing animal bone ashes, can make the temperature of the coffee cool down in the cup more slowly. But because its price is much more expensive than the previous two, it is rarely used by ordinary families, and it can only be seen in more elegant cafes.


The tone of the coffee cup is also very important.


The color of the coffee liquid is amber and very clear. Therefore, in order to show the characteristics of coffee, it is best to use a white coffee cup. Some methods of ignoring this problem in production, painting various colors on the inside of the coffee cup, and even drawing complex fine patterns often make it difficult for us to distinguish the coffee brewing from the color of the coffee.


When purchasing a coffee cup, you can choose according to the type of coffee and how to drink it, as well as your personal preferences and drinking occasions. Generally speaking, earthenware cups are more suitable for deep-fried and full-bodied coffee, while porcelain cups are suitable for coffee with a lighter taste. In addition, small coffee cups below 100cc are generally used for drinking Italian coffee, and mugs without cup holders are often used when drinking coffee with a high proportion of milk, such as latte and French milk coffee. In terms of personal preference, in addition to the appearance of the cup, you should also pick it up to see if it is smooth, so that you will feel convenient and comfortable when using it. For the weight of the cup, it is advisable to choose a light cup, because a lighter cup has a denser texture, and a denser texture means that the raw material particles of the cup are fine, and the surface of the cup is tight and the pores are small, so it is not easy for coffee stains to adhere to the cup. cup noodles.


Cleaning of coffee cups


As for the cleaning of coffee cups, because the cup surface is tight and the pores are small, coffee stains are not easy to adhere to the high-quality coffee cups. Therefore, after drinking coffee, just rinse with water immediately to keep the cups clean. The coffee cup has been used for a long time, or it is not rinsed immediately after use, so that the coffee stains adhere to the surface of the cup. At this time, the cup can be soaked in lemon juice to remove the coffee stains. If the coffee scale cannot be completely removed at this time, you can use a neutral dishwashing agent, dip it on a sponge, wipe it gently, and finally rinse it with water. During the cleaning process of coffee cups, it is strictly forbidden to use hard brushes to scrub, and avoid using strong acid and alkali cleaning agents to avoid scratches and damages on the surface of coffee cups.


coffee cup


How to drink coffee to be healthy:


Try not to use coffee mate


Coffee mate has a strong taste, but it is not good for the body. If you look carefully at its ingredient list, you will find that it contains "non-dairy creamer", which is usually made of glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil and sodium caseinate, as well as stabilizers, emulsifiers and anticaking agents. class of food additives. However, hydrogenated vegetable oil contains trans fatty acids, and trans fatty acids are more dangerous than saturated fatty acids, which is currently recognized in the nutritional circles. Trans fatty acids have four major hazards: increase blood viscosity and cohesion, promote thrombosis; increase low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (bad cholesterol), reduce high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (good cholesterol), and promote arteriosclerosis; increase type II diabetes and The incidence of breast cancer; affects the normal growth and development of infants and adolescents, and may have adverse effects on the development of the central nervous system.


If you are used to drinking coffee, try not to use coffee mate, you can directly add hot whole milk and an appropriate amount of sugar to the coffee, so that not only the taste is equally strong, but also the nutritional value is higher.


Coffee with sugar in moderation


There are many reports that drinking coffee can help you lose weight. This is because the caffeine in coffee can make people more excited, thereby promoting the burning of calories and playing a role in weight loss. However, after trying the "coffee weight loss method", many people find that instead of losing weight, they gain weight! In fact, this is because most people add a lot of coffee mate and sugar when drinking coffee, and mate and sugar can both Brings a lot of energy, so the amount of calories that caffeine helps the body burn is insignificant. Therefore, in order to prevent excessive intake of calories, it is best to put less sugar when drinking coffee.


Do not drink coffee when you are nervous


If you drink coffee when you're stressed, it tends to add to the mess. Caffeine can help improve alertness, sensitivity, and memory, but drinking coffee during stressful times can have a negative effect by creating anxiety. For people prone to anxiety disorders, caffeine can worsen symptoms such as sweaty palms, heart palpitations, and tinnitus.


Do not drink too much coffee


Drinking coffee in moderation can be refreshing, but drinking more than you're used to can be overly stimulating and even jittery. Therefore, although coffee is good for the human body, it should not be drunk too much, preferably no more than 2 cups a day.


Coffee not only has the refreshing effect we all know, but also can brighten the complexion, protect the hair, and calm the skin. It is really a very good drink. Although the coffee is good, don’t be greedy. Pay attention to the amount of coffee you drink every day. Note that pregnant women and breastfeeding expectant mothers should not drink it. Coffee contains caffeine and affects the growth and development of babies.