How To Tell Whether A Crystal Glass Contains Lead?


1: Sound: The sound of the impact is as pleasant as the impact of metal, and in a non-noisy environment, you can also hear the residual sound~ The ones containing lead are duller.

2: Gloss: Lead-free has a strong ability to refract light, so the color is brighter.

3: Weight: For the same model, leaded crystal glasses are heavier.

4: One time, the boss went directly to the store opposite to get a leaded one, and then his lead-free one collided with the leaded one (I personally think he demonstrated it many times and grasped the force and angle very well). "Lead-free has stronger impact resistance"

5: Taste, but some leaded glasses can also reduce the pungent taste/odor through various methods.


What if you still feel that you don’t have enough experience to tell the difference after reading it?

1: Try to drink acidic drinks from glass cups as little as possible because they contain lead oxide.

(Alcohol, cola, honey, fruit juice containing fruit acid, etc.)

2: Or simply lower your style and don’t use all kinds of crystal-clear, gorgeous, high-end, high-end and cheap glasses.


Okay, now that we’ve talked about the most important material, let’s talk about a few points.

1. Manufacturing process.

For all the masters who are constantly opening bottles of 82-year-old Lafite.

The glass goblets must be made from abroad, so give priority to the machine-made glass goblets of foreign brands, which are the most cost-effective.


2. Don’t add any color, make it transparent.


3. Glass is not afraid of slow heating or slow cooling, but it is afraid of "rapid heating". and "cold". Rapid heat and cold can often cause it to burst. Being so thin is less likely to burst, but of course it is easier to break.


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