How to froth milk with a frother? Have a trick?


The conventional method of drinking milk is a bit dull, especially when you plan to use milk to make latte art or styling, you must hope that the milk can foam, so that the taste is relatively richer. So how do you froth milk with a frother? Is there any method and technique for this?


How to froth milk with a frother


In fact, if you use a Stainless Steel Frothing Pitcher, Cabernet's question about how to use a frother to froth milk will not be difficult. After all, it uses external force and the method of using a frother is also very simple.


Pour the milk directly into the frother. If it is an electric frother, just select the frothing mode. In about 20 seconds, the milk can be frothed successfully, and it is very perfect. If it is a manual bubbler, it may have to be operated manually. Depending on the brand of the specific bubbler you choose, there will be certain differences in operation. But you can also rest assured that you are concerned about the use of the bubbler. Although there are differences in brands, there will be detailed instructions for operation, and you can operate according to the instructions. Note that if the milk is not used after frothing, the foaming will disappear. It is not recommended to use it again, because even with the help of a frother, the foaming effect will be greatly reduced.


With a professional milk frother, it is really a choice to free your hands. You don't have to worry about the effect of frothing, and you don't have to worry about whether there will be pressure during the frothing process. Of course, if it is a professional bubbler, it can not only froth milk, but also other liquids, such as egg liquid, etc.


How to froth milk with a frother


Now the answer to the question about how to use a frother to froth milk has been briefly introduced here. If you are interested in this kind of Milk Steaming Pitcher, you can consider buying it directly now. The price is not too high, but there is After using a professional foamer, it really frees your hands, and the foaming effect is very good, which is an effect that we cannot achieve with pure hand foaming.