Classification of silicone pads


Silicone pads are often used in various industries, and are widely used due to their advantages of heat resistance, non-toxicity, and easy cleaning. But different users need different kinds of silica gel, which mainly depends on what you use it for. The range of silica gel pads is still relatively wide, and the use of silica gel pads in different industries is also different. Its main function Include the following categories.


Silicone pads


Silicone material is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material. Will not cause harm to the human body. Its main advantages are: environmental protection, non-toxic, no stimulation of human tissues and organs, good physical and chemical properties, and moderate heat transfer effect. Even cleaning and disinfection at a high temperature of 200 degrees can ensure that the product is intact. Silicone baking mats are one of the most popular types of silicone products in the market. It has certain tension, flexibility, excellent insulation and pressure resistance. High temperature resistance. Low temperature resistant. Stable chemical properties, environmental protection and safety, no peculiar smell. Food grade silicone pads are non-toxic and tasteless. Insoluble in water and any solvent. It is a highly active green product.


Silicone mats are mainly used for food complex molds, chocolate molds, candy molds, precision casting, and carbon fiber composite materials, food cake molds, craft ceramics, printing, household appliances, lighting products, silicone ice trays, silicone pacifiers, silicone baking mats , silicone kneading pads, silicone steamer pads and a series of categories, it has the characteristics of high transparency, odorless, no yellowing, no frosting, etc. It solves the problem of black hose spraying and blue products fading. Tear resistance, high insulation, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, anti-aging, environmental protection, tensile type, stable performance and other advantages. Widely used in various beverage bottle cap gaskets, coffee pots, pressure cooker sealing rings, children's toys, medical equipment and other industries. This food grade silicone baking mat also meets US FDA requirements. You can use it with confidence.


silicone baking mats


Household silicone baking mats are our most common daily necessities silicone mats, mainly including silicone steamer mats for steamed buns, silicone baking mats, silicone kneading mats, silicone kitchen mats and other main daily gaskets, which are widely used. They are all essential daily necessities gaskets in our daily life.