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China Suan Houseware factory is a professional manufacturer of Insulation Cup. The quality is internationally certified and sold at home and abroad. It has many long-term customers.

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Product Description

stainless steel insulated cups suppliers

China stainless steel insulated cups suppliers

China Insulation Cup factory

1. Product Introduction of Insulation Cup


1) Upgraded Double Wall Best Quality 18/10 Stainless Steel Insulation Cup: Our leakproof insulation cup upgraded food grade SUS316 stainless steel has better thermal insulation and cold storage effect than traditional SUS304 stainless steel, It also has strong rust resistance and corrosion-resistant, and will not deteriorate after long-term contact with beverages. This reusable coffee cup replaces a disposable traditional thermal cup.


2) Keep Hot and Cold for Hours: Ice or hot, you choose our Insulation Cup. Double wall insulation maintains temperatures inside regardless of the temperature outside,This leakproof insulated thermal mug is guaranteed to keep your drink HOT for 6 hours or COLD for 8 hours. After you get off work, you can also enjoy a warm cup of coffee. It ’s like your family is always by your side.


3) Upgraded Large Capacity:17.5 Ounces (500ml) of Insulation Cup .Wide mouth shape and with beautiful shape narrow base, The design of the cup is made to feel natural in your hand and bring good sense of use for you,you can enjoy your coffee, tea, juice quite nicely. Large capacity insulated vacuum flask, even if reusing our cup stainless steel Insulation Cup just once a week would make a massive difference, and think of all that money saved on takeaway coffee!


4) Unique Leakproof Lid and Non-Slip Silicone Sleeve: Stainless Steel Insulated Cups with a leakproof lid, the silicone seal on the lid provides a good leak-proof effect. The surface of the lid has a straw hole design, using a straw to reduce splashing, which can be opened to drink directly.You can also insert a straw into the small opening of the switch. Collapsible Insulated Tumblers has Non-Slip silicone sleeve, comfortable touch, anti-skid drop.Travel mug has both style and substance.


5) Wide Application: Perfect coffee Insulation Cup great for outdoor adventure and fit most of vehicle cup holders, home, office, parties road trips, camping , traveling, in the car,at the beach, hiking, sporting active, picnics, just about any other activity you can dream up. This sturdy and durable quality, carefully designed, durable, fall-proof, rust-proof. Better than using plastic or glass bottles.This Travel Tumbler is also a good Ideal for business gifts and family gift!


2. Product Parameter (Specification) of Insulation Cup





Special Feature

17.5 Ounces (500ml)

18/8 stainless steel


Insulated HOT for 6 hours or COLD for 8 hours


Stainless Steel Insulated Cups


3. Product Feature And Application of Insulation Cup


The travel Stainless Steel Insulated Cups are perfect to travel with you the go-anywhere - work, gym, car, hiking, fishing, biking, camping, parties - keep your favorite drinks hot or ice-cold all day! Works great with coffee, tea, water, beer, wine, soda, or any other tasty beverages.


Stainless Steel Insulated Cups


4. Product Details of Stainless Steel Insulated Cups


Temperature control

Possibly the most important feature of a insulation cup is to keep your coffee as hot or cold as you like for as long as you’re drinking it. Our insulation cups are built to maintain temperature with specific design features including vacuum-sealed walls, stainless steel materials, and airtight lids. It can keep coffee warm for hours.


Stainless Steel Insulated Cups



With sturdy rubber gaskets and a locking lid, our insulation cup can keep liquid from leaking out effectively.


Stainless Steel Insulated Cups


Easy to clean

When you’re on the go, cleaning dishes can be a challenge. Insulation cups that are easy to clean have fewer parts to disassemble, no crevices that can trap gunk in hard-to-reach places and wide mouths so you can scrub thoroughly inside and out.


Stainless Steel Insulated Cups


5. Product Qualification of Insulation Cup


Wholesale and Customized Stainless Steel Insulated Cups, the preferred professional Insulation Cup manufacturer and supplier Suan factory, low price, made in China, good product quality, provide product price list, support wholesale customization. Our factory is experienced on travel coffee mugs,insulation cups, stainless steel tumblers and so on. Various options for you to make sizes/colors. Also OEM, ODM is highly welcome, we provide free 3D samples for your confirmation at first, then open new mold. New Mold time is about 20-25 days for whole cup.


Stainless Steel Insulated Cups


6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of Insulation Cup


Our Stainless Steel Insulated Cups are carefully packed in a color box or customized your private gift box during transportation. For shipping, our forwarder give us very competitive price on sea and air door-to-door, FOB, CIF...Welcome to contact us for a shipping quote. China Suan Houseware factory  is a professional manufacturer of Insulation Cup. The quality is internationally certified and sold at home and abroad. It has many long-term customers. We sincerely thank you new and old Friends for our support and patronage, we sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to come to investigate and guide, cooperate and develop.


Stainless Steel Insulated Cups


China stainless steel insulated cups suppliers

Stainless steel insulated cups manufacturers

Stainless steel insulated cups factory

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